First Solo Journey

What to include and what not to include, well it is certainly the most difficult task when someone like me has completed his first solo journey of his life…Definitely, it sounds really exciting, but for me the nervousness level was as high as I was going to my school very first time… Seriously my heart was actually pumping really fast, so as my legs and most of my body parts are vibrating like a hell… Everything was going on in really faced pace, Just like my first day of school… I don’t know anyone, all unknown faces, some of them seems quite scary actually 😉… But just like my mum says if u got scared, take a deep breath and start thinking about the good things or look around once and you’ll definitely find the best way to take your fear out of your mind… Straightaway I used the technique and what I saw from the window was the beauty of nature… Black clouds, slight shower of rain, greenery, beautiful flowers, it was all looked so mesmerizing and the best part to see was the brightness of rainbow… The nature at it’s best calms my nerves exactly as I wanted to be… My dream to travel all around the world has always been my target… To experience new things every day is my goal, and with this small start I think I can achieve my goal… Nevertheless, as soon as I reached my platform I saw my sister and a complete different city (बनारस)… The distance from the station to the house gave me the first chance to take a quick look of the famous city of faith in religion… The big temples, people wearing deep carrot orange color clothes, shouting हर हर महादेव was incredible to look… After spending some home time, the time has come to take a look what’s so special about this city, why the people talk about this city so much… This journey takes me to the ghats of बनारस, beautifully set-up temples, different holy locations and to the famous गंगा आरती… Seriously, I am expecting more because of my hunger to see more but all in all I have really enjoyed my whole journey… After spending a whole week there finally I have to say goodbye to the city and to my first journey… But I know there are many more journeys coming into my way because I’m goona make it with all my potential….

Minds are Changing their paths now

In the past few decades, Indian Politics was one of the most discussed topics in the Country. In every Single House, in every single place, people generally discussed about what’s going on with the politicians and their plans. But, now we are seeing a humongous change in these discussions. Earlier Majority of the folks talks about that there is a lack of leadership in the Government like the political parties are not taking big issues seriously. The Economy of the Country wasn’tt growing up, the Education System was getting worst, Poverty rate was increasing day by day, Crimes, Rapes are settled down in the country like a Big Heavy Rock etc. etc. But these words, especially the thinking of the Audiences are getting changed now with the time phase. The 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, the time when the development of India has got a new powerful name i.e Mr. Narendra Modi. The Plans to improve the Indian society, to improve the economy, to prove that India is still the Golden Shining Bird on the Global Map had worked. Just 3 years and the belief of the whole country is still with him because of the work. Now, Every Man, Every Women, Every Young Child of the Country understands the Meaning of Development, they demand only and only Work, Work and Work. We Have seen in the past elections of UP, Goa, Punjab as well as in the recent MCD elections that the Ruling party didn’t get the opportunity to rule again because the Audience wants improvement in every field whether it’s small or big. Well, this has happened with all the Parties, not just with the National Party Congress but with every one of them. I have heard a line from our Honorable​ Prime Minister when he was addressing a big event in front of thousands of People that “Similar to the freedom movement, we need a movement for development”. Certainly the movement of Hard work and giving punishments to the corrupted cockroaches making it better. 2 years left, will 2019 proved to be a positive year from the Country, that’s a big question. Hence, The minds are changing their ways, so there could be the possibility of more Development in the coming Big years. But still there are 2 left to make the conditions in the favour of good results…..

Shine’s like a ‘Sun’

There are images, There are thoughts, There are aspirations, There are motives, There are loads of talent, But sadly few from the majority supports it, say only 20 percent, No one wants to give a single chance to prove, to establish, to be the winner of the race,                                 People didn’t care, Relations didn’t care, the world didn’t care about it, They did give the space, But sometimes the space is not enough, They did give the power of knowledge, But sometimes that is also not worth enough to get succeeded,    But Why is it not enough????         Generally, It becomes enough when we face the reality check,                                  It becomes enough when we break the quirky Systems and Laws,                   It becomes enough when we do the Justice towards the power we have,  Some individuals easily lost their strength in the half-way, But there are some who Shines like a Sun,                         They shine to remove the hypocrisy,  They shine to remove the shelter of the darkness,                                      They shine to enjoy the beauty of the nature, Purity of kindness and generosity of humanity,                                           That’s the power of the one who “Shines​ like a Sun”……….

Love is Infinite, So Share it


A word which is difficult to describe, a word that hasn’t got any certain meaning…Surprisingly Everyone in the world Permanently talks about Love at their different stages of Life, whenever they want to show their emotions…But, only few of them purely understand the strongest meaning of Love…For someone love is life, for someone​ love is Honesty and for someone Love is Just Love, it hasn’t got any sensible meaning…Well, We all grown up or growing up understanding this Word…Interestingly, Whenever we got smiles in our faces, we always thank God for giving us such prosperous love and Whenever we got angry, we started scolding our family, God and other things for not giving us that much of love compare to the others…But, ultimately We haven’t understand yet what love is?? Aren’t We…I think people should know the importance of Love they are getting…There are Millions of People outside of our Personal world who don’t know what love is, because they didn’t get any, they are freakishly all alone…Someone lost their Father, Someone lost their mother, Someone lost their Friends whom they considered​ as their genuine Family and life…It’s the 21st Century, and still we kept these underwhelming rules of Upper class and lower class…Some majority of people gets respect and love, the others got to hear the bad words and punishments…Not only Humans, the Civilization of Animals also needed our love, but for them love is just a moment of taking Care…Well, it’s a broad topic to discuss in society…However, it takes just a few minutes to understand and get succeed with Such Wonderful Results…Don’t beat them, don’t use them as a bluddy body Showcase piece…They have hearts just like us, they felt just like us…So, Love is insanely infinite and it never ever gonna end…It is a thought of respect, it is a ray of sunshine, it is a presence of God in us…Use it and give it because Love has no boundaries to clear the sky…..

‘Raabta’- Romance and Rebirth…

What’s the Trailer says……..

‘Everything is Connected’, that’s what we have seen in the First released poster of this year’s much awaited movie ‘RAABTA’…And Certainly yes, the statement brings out the same thing in the Trailer as well…Yo! Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon starrer Raabta’s trailer were launched Today…And if to describe the trailer of the movie in one word, that will be Surely ‘Epic’…Actually, last year, We have heard sooo much about Sushant and Kriti’s on going romance in their real life, also that they are dating and spending time with each other…But, not feeling hilarious to say this that both the aspirated stars are not looking great as they are looking like an average couple in the trailer…However, RAABTA’S Trailer starts with Sushant and Kriti’s Bonding and Beautiful Romance shot in fantastic Background Locations…But, Interestingly Love Aaj Kal and Badlpur’s Fame Director Dinesh Vijan has got some serious jumping jack Surprises for their fans, as he brings out a new twist in the fairytale love story…Yes, In the middle of the trailer Neerja Fame Jim Sarbh came out as the villain of the film as well as in the love story…But when Dinesh introduced the Reincarnation or Rebirth in the Story, that literally lifts up the trailer…After watching the trailer, it looks like that both the actors was in love with kriti, but kriti chooses Sushant in the past…Also, in the present both stars like met each other once again and fall in love, and that’s the time all the drama continues with pain, deceit, love, etc…Acting Wise Sushant Singh Rajput was looking awesome in the past zone, but as a lover, he looks good, but not great…On the other hand Kriti is really looking gorgeous in both cases…But, Surely Jim Sarbh’s entry and his Acting really holds up every moment in the first shot…Although, We haven’t seen Deepika Padukone in the trailer as she is doing the title track song of the film…I think that will be the surprise package to look after…Director Dinesh Vijan has surely done some serious work for this film and it’s looking really cool…Honestly, for just one thought the trailer made us to remember the zone of Mirzya, also the South Indian Superhit Movie Magadheera…But Nah, it’s too early to say anything…It’s a thumbs up from my side as I am a big big Fan of Sushant and Kriti…Desperately waiting to watch the whole film on 9th of June

Relations Vs Career

    In every Teenage life…This is the most common but eventually the most toughest question to answer…“Relations or Career”…Whom Do I Choose…”My Family or My Goal”????…At the age of 19, 20 or say 21, Every Young Mind have the aspirations to become successful, to go beyond their limits, to sarpass their objected target…But on the other hand they didn’t even know what they are leaving behind…Tragically​ there is someone waiting for them to turn around and once look at him…And guess what…It is none other than our family…Certainly, This is the reality…

    But now on the other hand, We are living in the 21st CenturyEvery Child wants to achieve Big and make their Parents Proud…However, sometimes the so called situations made these things pretty difficult to understand and they’ll make you start your mind engine to think again and again and see what will be the best “Judgement”…Possibly, There will be two situations…

    • If someone’s Family Support is enough for the one and they want you to grow more in your​ profession…Then the situation is very positive…
    • Also, If family supports you with your career choice…But, they also want you to always stay close with them…Then, the situation becomes quite difficult to understand and to solve….

    Now, This is the time to stay and think positive…I am saying this because I have seen several times that most of the children’s started shouting on their parents to not allow them to go outside the city or in another Country…Perhaps, this can also Make or Break your career as well as your most trustful relation…So, think twice or thrice before taking any decision…

    Pursuing Success can sometimes destroy a good Relationship’…But, According to me ‘Achieving the dreams with loved ones always maintained a good Relationship and it makes everyone Happy”…..