Padmavati must loose ‘i’ for the release

Censor Board of Film Certification has finally granted the U/A Certificate to film Padmavati, but what will Karni Sena and the protesters react to this situation. Is it a win for Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali or will still the game get continued…

2017’s much awaited film ‘Padmavati’ may not release on its actual release date but now finally it’s looking like the dark clouds are moving away for the bright sun to come out. A hard work of one and a half years of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor and each and every single member who participated and made their contribution to the film is not going to get wasted. With the release of the trailer it has been seen that the protesters like Karni Sena was not happy with the way the History was approached to the audiences. Not only this, the director and the actress was massively threatened by the protesters to force them to stop the film promotions and the release. Though the protesters succeeded in their goal, but CBFC i.e Central board of Film Certification has decided to release the film with few modifications, but ‘No Cuts’… Here are the five modifications suggested by CBFC to the Director and the producers of the film…

  • Firstly, the producers should change the disclaimer clearly to one that does not claim historical accuracy.
  • The most disheartning modification suggested by CBFC is to change the title from ‘Padmavati’ to ‘Padmavat’.
  • CBFC suggested to modify the song ‘Ghoomar’ to make the depiction befitting the character being potrayed.

    The song ‘Ghoomar’ after its release become very popular especially because of Deepika’s great dancing skills, but moreover on that the protesters were totally against the portrayal of Rani Padmavati in the song sequence. They spoke about the irregular clothing of Deepika in the song considering her navel show, which was very inappropriate regarding to the character. Now how the song will get modified and will the fans accept the modification that’s a big question mark…

    • CBFC has suggested to modify the Incorrect reference to historical places.
    • Lastly, disclaimer that the Film doesn’t subscribe to Sati or seeks to glorify it.

    CBFC chirf Prasoon Joshi said in an interview that the Special panel and the Padmavati’s team both agreed to the suggested modifications. CBFC has decided to give the U/A Certificate but it’s up to the filmmakers now to decide the final date of release.

    The Karni Sena and the Rajasthani Royal Family along with the protesters is not looking in a mood to make the way easy for ‘Padmavat’ release. They have already started opposing the decision of CBFC and wants Prasoon Joshi to resign from his position as a CBFC Cheif. It’s looking like our Indian Films are not getting the freedom to show the different colors of Creativity. The films are getting badly merged between politics and religion communities. Let’s see, Will padmavat release after getting U/A certificate or not…


      This is what i want ‘Santa’

      Like any other person, when i was a little boy i always got to hear from my Mum and Dad and My school Teachers that 25th December is celebrated as Christmas day which was actually a Day of getting Gifts from Santa. I was get really excited when the Santa Celebration Date arrived because of the stories i heard it from my parents of how Mr Santa Claus looks and how he will reach to every kids house on that special night and gave a sweet little presents when everyone’s asleep. However when I grew up, I found out that there was no existence of Santa Claus in this Universe, it’s just the stories that some people believe it’s true. I believe that our Parents are our real Santas, in fact, not one but there are two Santas in my life (Mommy and Daddy). They become our biggest Strength when we need them, they fulfill our every wish whenever we demand, they try to hold our hands in every possible situation. I think Santa didn’t do that much thing that our Parents do for their Child. It’s Christmas Today and my very old friend told me that if you wish something today from your heart, that wish will definitely get fulfilled in future. So, today I lost a connection from friendship, a trust that builds the relation between true friends which gets fall apart today. In these 20 years of my life, i never got a friend who really cared for me like the best of friends do for each other. It really hurts when a statement like this keep building up in your brain and it pops out like a lava one day. So I wish from the bottom of my heart that if there is any Santa present, please help those ones who are living their life without any strong support, gave your precious gifts to those who wants to earn it and earn it badly. I know that the whole world called you Santa but you are a God who is seeing us from heaven. I hope like my wish all the true spirited wishes will reach you and should help us in guiding towards and positiveness and success. Thank you Santa gor giving us this beautiful World…

      Bye bye Santa, see you next year……

      ‘Padman’ or ‘Aiyaary’

      One belongs to the nations pride and the other one belongs to the thinking and enthusiasm of a person who make the Country Proud… The first month of 2018 is going to make the choice of the movie lovers a bit difficult as both the reel ‘Brothers’ i.e Akshay Kumar and Siddharth Malhotra has already locked down their respective upcoming films on the occassion of 69th Republic Day of our Country… Now who has got the advantage in this Big Clash. Lets talk about it…

      “Padman vs Aiyaary”

      Talking about Padman, the Film talks about the real life story of ‘Arunachalam Muruganantham’ a native of Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu), who introduced the low cost sanitary napkins making machines in India. Direction of R Balki and the stellar star cast of Akshay Kumar, Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor immediately can bring the audiences to the theatre, but here the Producer Twinkle Khanna has given the importance to the topic of the Film not to the luscious Star Cast. The issue of using sanitary napkins, a topic which is moreover a taboo in this Country although showing how a small rural man of a country could posses to change the conditions by starting the terms from his own home. Padman has seriously came up with a very surprising topic and kudos to Twinkle Khanna for finding it and moreover presenting it in front of the world. Padman has the power to generate a good box office collection instead of a Big Clash. At the time of ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ Promotions Khiladi Kumar has spoken about Padman that- 

      “I have my wife, my daughter, my mother, my sister and my mother-in-law in my family. I got inspiration from them and its very unfortunate that 91% of women in India don’t use sanitary pads and people find it very shameful topic to talk about”.

      Definitely Padman has high hopes from the box office and also on the other side the audience have it from Akshay kumar to deliver a great performance again…But what ‘Aiyarry’ has got in his bag…

      Talking about Aiyaary, a picture with an unsual name but with a big and strong star cast of Manoj Bajpayi, Siddharth Malhotra, Naseerudin Shah, Anupam Kher and a Direction of Neeraj Pandey certainly could proved to be more impactful than Padman…Aiyaary’s trailer shows the journey of two indian army officer’s i.e Siddharth and Manoj Bajpayi fighting for and against the Country. The trailer was describing every word of betrayal, innocence, spirit of Fighting, like everything is going on with a quick quick action. Everyone knows how Neeraj Pandey can play his new tricks when it comes down to the topic of Nationality. All his past films shows a personified part of Being an Indian, Being a True National Person and one he had done it with Akshay, so the audience will definitely expecting a lot from this also. For the first time Siddharth Malhotra is playing a role of an Army officer which looks really promising in the trailer although his past movies did’nt performed well at the box office. In the trailer launching event Manoj Bajpayi even told the media that “Aiyaary was his favourite film to work on till now in his career”. Well this explains how the film will be… 

      Padman and Aiyaary both have different target audiences and have different purpose to showcase. But nowadays only content matters in Bollywood. So who has the stronger content with less backdrops, 26th January is the date to decide their fate…

      Face the reality and Drink it

      It feels really amazing when you sit on your desk and suddenly a thought came up to your mind to write and share something with the community who are actually facing a problem like you. It felt so right and so as relaxing because you know that somewhere in the world, people will understand you and your precious feelings. The state of a mind when you feel nothing, when the happy moments unexpectedly became your most scariest ones. I am going through a state of depression right now. Every day When I open my eyes in the morning, I suddenly started thinking about the bad things. I totally lost the visual of fresh environment which I enjoyed the most in the mornings. Every day I have to fight with my inner soul, I cry like 3 to 4 times a day. I thought if I dare to tell anyone about this, they’ll definitely laugh at me and my thinking. That’s why I haven’t told anyone about what phase of life I am actually going through. I’ll tell you the feeling was so disgusting that one day when I was sitting in my terrace I took a decision to jump from the second floor and Mark an end to this horrible life. But soon I realized that I was doing wrong and it will make my parents more helpless and dejected. From last 8 months I was totally controlled by this disease because of the pressure of making a good career, but now my mother helped me to move further. She told me one day that you should start believing in God because they are the ones who made us and their blessings are always with us. Honestly saying, this disease hasn’t left my hand yet, but I learnt one thing more that if we as a member of the society want to stay positive, go and just talk to your respective families, this’ll definitely give you the solution. Not only this I researched a lot about some celebrities who have battled depression like the champions. Some of them are :-

      Ellen DeGeneres: She once said in a magazine interview that “I lost my show. I’ve been attacked like hell. I went from making a lot of money on a sitcom to making no money. When I walked out of the studio after five years of working so hard, knowing I had been treated so disrespectfully for no other reason than I was gay, I just went into this deep, deep depression.”

      Michael Phelps: He said in an interview that “I think the biggest thing was, I thought of myself as just a swimmer, and nobody else. I was in the lowest place I’ve ever been. Honestly, I sort of, at one point, I just, I felt like I didn’t want to see another day. I felt like it should be over.”

      Lady Gaga: The uttmost famous singer in the world said once in an interview about her disease that “I’ve suffered through depression and anxiety my entire life. I learned that my sadness never destroyed what was great about me. You just have to go back to that greatness, find that one little light that’s left. I’m lucky I found one little glimmer stored away.”

      There are more celebrities like them who have battled depression, but just like them everyone had make their own way to achieve the success and taste it. I m totally inspired by reading their stories. You have your own story, make your way up because we want to hold the brightness in our palm forever and ever…………………….

      Will 3-0 can become a horrifying 5-0??

      With a 3-0 clean Wipeout win against the Sri Lankan squad in the test series, the strong headed team India is now charged up with the full confidence to take up the upcoming 5-match one day series. The Bell is about to ring because the first exciting day, night 50 over match is gonna take place this Sunday. With a dreadful defeat against the underdog Zimbabwe team in the last one day series in their hometown had definitely shattered the confidence level of all the lankan team members and now the 3-0 defeat in the test hasn’t given the lankan players a small chance to rise up their Spirit to play well. The whole world can see, just like the other few teams in the past, currently the Sri Lankan team is also going through a trauma, a trauma after the loss of the big players. The lack of experience which our neighbor team gets it early from the inspirational legendary cricketers like Sangakara, Mahela Jaywardane and Tilakratne Dilshan is not with them and we are truly feeling it. Other than this the remaining experienced members of the team is not in their sparkling form right now. Yes, we are talking about the all rounder Angelo Mathews and the pacer Lasith Malinga. Both teammates are currently struggling with their form as we have seen the straight example, in this year’s Champion’s trophy as well as in the heavy loss against us a few days ago. Despite all the bad stories, there is one good news for the Sri Lankan team is that Angelo Mathews can able to bowl in the Upcoming series, which he hasn’t shown up in the test series due to any injury problem. Well, surely the news will also make the Indian supporters excited as well because everyone knows that Angelo was always been a threat to India when he got the ball in his hand. On the other side, the Indian team charts are rising each and everyday and it seems like their confidence will make another series win. Well, the Indian squad this time will come up with some new faces like Manish Pandey and shardul thakur in the absence of big names of Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina. The Sri Lankan Pitches always come up with some surprise packages every time. But this time who’ll get the favour from the pitches and who’ll create the magic, that’s the question. Also, the big question will be, did the Sri Lankan team has the ability to perform unexpectedly or can they create some heroic moments in the series. We’ll definitely find this soon, so wait for some time…..

      First Solo Journey

      What to include and what not to include, well it is certainly the most difficult task when someone like me has completed his first solo journey of his life…Definitely, it sounds really exciting, but for me the nervousness level was as high as I was going to my school very first time… Seriously my heart was actually pumping really fast, so as my legs and most of my body parts are vibrating like a hell… Everything was going on in really faced pace, Just like my first day of school… I don’t know anyone, all unknown faces, some of them seems quite scary actually 😉… But just like my mum says if u got scared, take a deep breath and start thinking about the good things or look around once and you’ll definitely find the best way to take your fear out of your mind… Straightaway I used the technique and what I saw from the window was the beauty of nature… Black clouds, slight shower of rain, greenery, beautiful flowers, it was all looked so mesmerizing and the best part to see was the brightness of rainbow… The nature at it’s best calms my nerves exactly as I wanted to be… My dream to travel all around the world has always been my target… To experience new things every day is my goal, and with this small start I think I can achieve my goal… Nevertheless, as soon as I reached my platform I saw my sister and a complete different city (बनारस)… The distance from the station to the house gave me the first chance to take a quick look of the famous city of faith in religion… The big temples, people wearing deep carrot orange color clothes, shouting हर हर महादेव was incredible to look… After spending some home time, the time has come to take a look what’s so special about this city, why the people talk about this city so much… This journey takes me to the ghats of बनारस, beautifully set-up temples, different holy locations and to the famous गंगा आरती… Seriously, I am expecting more because of my hunger to see more but all in all I have really enjoyed my whole journey… After spending a whole week there finally I have to say goodbye to the city and to my first journey… But I know there are many more journeys coming into my way because I’m goona make it with all my potential….

      Minds are Changing their paths now

      In the past few decades, Indian Politics was one of the most discussed topics in the Country. In every Single House, in every single place, people generally discussed about what’s going on with the politicians and their plans. But, now we are seeing a humongous change in these discussions. Earlier Majority of the folks talks about that there is a lack of leadership in the Government like the political parties are not taking big issues seriously. The Economy of the Country wasn’tt growing up, the Education System was getting worst, Poverty rate was increasing day by day, Crimes, Rapes are settled down in the country like a Big Heavy Rock etc. etc. But these words, especially the thinking of the Audiences are getting changed now with the time phase. The 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, the time when the development of India has got a new powerful name i.e Mr. Narendra Modi. The Plans to improve the Indian society, to improve the economy, to prove that India is still the Golden Shining Bird on the Global Map had worked. Just 3 years and the belief of the whole country is still with him because of the work. Now, Every Man, Every Women, Every Young Child of the Country understands the Meaning of Development, they demand only and only Work, Work and Work. We Have seen in the past elections of UP, Goa, Punjab as well as in the recent MCD elections that the Ruling party didn’t get the opportunity to rule again because the Audience wants improvement in every field whether it’s small or big. Well, this has happened with all the Parties, not just with the National Party Congress but with every one of them. I have heard a line from our Honorable​ Prime Minister when he was addressing a big event in front of thousands of People that “Similar to the freedom movement, we need a movement for development”. Certainly the movement of Hard work and giving punishments to the corrupted cockroaches making it better. 2 years left, will 2019 proved to be a positive year from the Country, that’s a big question. Hence, The minds are changing their ways, so there could be the possibility of more Development in the coming Big years. But still there are 2 left to make the conditions in the favour of good results…..

      Shine’s like a ‘Sun’

      There are images, There are thoughts, There are aspirations, There are motives, There are loads of talent, But sadly only few from the majority supports it, say, only 20 percent, No one wants to give a single chance to the one who wants to Prove, who wants to Establish, who wants to be the winner of the Race, People didn’t care, Relations didn’t care, the world didn’t care about it, They did give the space, But sometimes the space is not enough, They did give the power of knowledge, But sometimes that is also not worth enough to get succeeded, But Why is it not enough???? Generally, It becomes enough when we face the reality check, It becomes enough when we break the quirky Systems and Laws, It becomes enough when we do the Justice towards the power we have, Some individuals easily lost their strength in the half-way, But there are some who Shines like a Sun, They Shine to remove the hypocrisy, They Shine to remove the shelter of the darkness, They Shine to enjoy the beauty of the nature, Purity of kindness and Generosity of humanity, That’s the power of the one who “Shines like a Sun”………

      Love is Infinite, So Share it


      A word which is difficult to describe, a word that hasn’t got any certain meaning…Surprisingly Everyone in the world Permanently talks about Love at their different stages of Life, whenever they want to show their emotions…But, only few of them purely understand the strongest meaning of Love…For someone love is life, for someone love is Honesty and for someone Love is Just Love, it hasn’t got any sensible meaning…Well, We all grown up or growing up understanding this Word…Interestingly, Whenever we got smiles in our faces, we always thank God for giving us such prosperous love and Whenever we got angry, we started scolding our family, God and other things for not giving us that much of love compare to the others…But, ultimately We haven’t understand yet what love is?? Aren’t We…I think people should know the importance of Love they are getting…There are Millions of People outside of our Personal world who don’t know what love is, because they didn’t get any, they are freakishly all alone…Someone lost their Father, Someone lost their mother, Someone lost their Friends whom they considered as their genuine Family and life…It’s the 21st Century, and still we kept these underwhelming rules of Upper class and lower class…Some majority of people gets respect and love, the others got to hear the bad words and punishments…Not only Humans, the Civilization of Animals also needed our love, but for them love is just a moment of taking Care…Well, it’s a broad topic to discuss in society…However, it takes just a few minutes to understand and get succeed with Such Wonderful Results…Don’t beat them, don’t use them as a bluddy body Showcase piece…They have hearts just like us, they felt just like us…So, Love is insanely infinite and it never ever gonna end…It is a thought of respect, it is a ray of sunshine, it is a presence of God in us…Use it and give it because Love has no boundaries to clear the sky…..

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